CAZ staff have degreed education background in statistics, computer technology, and medical science. Our solid experiences in the SAS System embrace substantial hands-on work using SAS/Base (including macros, ODS, and SQL), SAS/Graph, SAS/Stats, SAS/AF, SAS/FSP, and other SAS products. We offer services in the following areas:

Clinical Trial (Phase I - Phase IV)

Setting up programming environment; creating documents including SAP, programming specifications, and table shells; designing project and study macros; deriving submission and analysis data sets following the latest industry standards, for example, the CDISC standards; implementing MedDRA and WHO coding systems; programming tables, listings, and graphs; validating programs; developing GUI based reporting systems; performing integrated analyses such as ISS and ISE, as well as sub-population analyses.

We can provide SAS programming output in different file types such as SAS LST file, Word file, RTF file, PDF file, HTML file, XML file, and others.


Treatment randomization, statistical power and sample size, statistical methods, statistical modeling, hypothesis testing, exploratory analyses, and more.

Computer Solutions

User-specified computer solutions including software systems or utilities using the SAS technology; visual basic applications for Word and Excel; applications built on Access.

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